Willard Homewood Handyman recommendations

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This list was originally compiled in 2009 from posts to the WHOMAIL
listserv (which as of 2024 is inactive).  Entries are organized by
person contributing the recommendation on line starting with "FROM:"
and year on end of the line. Most entries are from 14 years ago as of
2024 so may be obsolete.  Please send updates. Quoted recommendations
are indented. Name and contact info for Handy persons is preceded by
an asterisk.

This list is maintained by Fred Olson.  Please send updates to Fred:
fholson [at] cohousing.org     612-588-9532

Also there is a long printed list of trades people posted inside the front door of
North End Hardware and Rental 3117 Penn Ave N (just south of Lowry)
612-529-9151 northendhdwr [at] aol.com  The store has gotten favorable
reviews on the mailing list and offers good advice for the DIY types.

From: Fred Olson                                              2024
* Elijah Collard 612-200-7577   elijahcollard [at] gmail.com
  "Elijah is a locksmith who works by himself. Friendly guy. He fixed
  our front door lock on our old Homewood house and came back when it
  needed a minor tweak" at Better Business Bureau

FROM: Jim Long                                                2009

* Chris Elpers, 2319 Upton Av N, 612-203-5403.
  "I know he sometimes takes smaller jobs, e.g., window or door

FROM: Michael and Barbara Clark                                 2009

  "Rick McClain is a man who lives in Willard Hay and who does great
  work-we have used him numerous times."
  Does: Remodeling, Electrical, Painting, Flooring, Repairs, Landscaping,
  And Much More!
* MJM Improvements, LLC. Rick McClain  Phone: 612-701-2827
* 2943 Washburn Avenue North         randcm [at] usfamily.net

FROM: Souliyahn Keobounpheng                                  2009
 "I work as an architect out of my house on 19th and Vincent. I'm self
 employed. There are no design work for me right now due to economy.  I
 have experience in renovation a house, and taking care of my own house,
 and a rental property. I am putting myself out there for work of any
 kind that I can perform, including handyman services.
* Souliyahn  Keobounpheng keobounpheng [at] gmail.com> 612-226-7196
* website:  http://silvercocoon.com

FROM: Toni Huggar                                             2009

* Ron Cottew:  612-501-1925.
  "I've used him for years he is professional; prices are reasonable;
  work is done in a timely fashion and he cleans up after himself. He is
  excellent for doors and windows."

* Gabriel Thomas  612-377-0994 .
  "Does wonders with concrete. He is usually hired by major
  construction companies. Quick, efficient and affordable."

FROM: Jim Lovestar                                            2009
Jim does his own work so has not had them work for him:

* Steve Loman Steve's Home Repair 612-508-1138 sdwlomen [at] yahoo.com
  Wide range work including painting, decks, dry wall.  Also has working
  relationship with folks with several other skill like plumbing. Often
  has an ad in North News

* Anthony Davis 2614 Upton Av N  612-226-5216
  decks baths windows door lawn furniture, generally wood work
  Also does catering and lawn service with his brother

* Mark Jacobson 12xx Thomas Av N 612-208-1729 no further info.

FROM: Jim Lovestar      8/18/10
 I have two handymen for your consideration.  I've never hired either

* Tyron (pronounced Tron) Davis 612-246-1412. He lives near me, I know
  him pretty well and he is supporting a several kid family.

* John Binner 612-810-0310 lives near 40th and Thomas (I think).  I met
  him at the music, Live on the Drive, last week.

  As with any handyman, be sure to ask for references.

FROM: mary of wot    8/18/10

* Kieth M Rott is awesome!!! call him! 612-990-4767
 and call me and let me know if he does you wrong- i want to
 he might even be WHO...I think he is 11th and R maybe...

FROM: Megan Goodmundson and ddarcel    8/19/10

  ddarcel: He does not show up in a timely manner as planned
  Sometimes he just does not show up. He was suppose
  to show up today at 7am to finish the job. It is currently
  11:00pm and I have not received a call from him yet.

  Megan Goodmundson: He does not get good handyman references from me
  either. ... unfortunately would not recommend his handyman services

FROM: Jabari Bush                                1/24/12

*  Dusty's Plumbing 763.286.8741 ask for Dusty   a great [plumber]
   that i use often, always reasonable and does high quality work.

FROM: Vivian Jenkins Nelsen                        1/24/12

* Brian Bushay  at 612-799-2073.
  has done plumbing and other well done handy work for me.

FROM: Aaron Larson                                2/6/13

* Plumber: Jay Nordstrom 763-549-0989. We've always hired him.
  He's great - sometimes booked up, but worth a try.

FROM: 1ahayward                                   2/8/13

* Plumber: Trenk Mechanicals, 612-281-4720. He's great!

FROM: Margie Degen                                            2013

* Mike 612-570-0942
  We had the pleasure of hiring a handyman off Craigslist today to do
  a ceiling.  I cannot say enough about this guy!!  He was amazing.  Polite,
  considerate, trustworthy, quiet, perfectionist and AFFORDABLE!!!  He is not
  a NOMI neighbor, but just too great not to share with everyone.  He does it
  all and he cleans up!!!  He vacuumed!!!  With his own vacuum!!

FROM: Fred Olson                                                      2014

* Alberto Rodriguez auto body specialist, car repair 612-590-2327 Arodworks@aol.com
* Alberto Rodriguez home repair 612-229-0203

I met him at my neighbor Dan's house working on a car and Dan reccomends him. Aug 2014

FROM: Fred Olson                                                  Dec 2017

* Computer support Chris Hamilton 612-504-9584
  Installed windows etc on new computer system for a friend's business 12/10/17
  She recommends him.
  He has his own business CGS Minneapolis but also volunteers for Free Geek Twin Cities
  which is dedicated to addressing the Digital Divide   and  Electronic Waste (eWaste)
  though direct, local, community-driven action.  Free Geek which is located in the Seward
  neighborhood and open Wed - Sun noon to 5PM is a great place to donate used
  computers and buy low cost refurbished computers. Chris may even be
  able to help you with computer problems for free if you catch him when
  he is volunteering at Free Geek.